by John Matrow
   DIGEST Volume 2, covered the history of the Chicago, Kansas  &
Nebraska Railway which built 1,388 miles of track, almost all  in
Kansas,  for the Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific RR. That  article
also covered the locomotive roster.
   In  this issue, we are going to describe the famous  two-story
CK&N  depot,  "Design NO. 3", also known as the "one and  a  half
story" since the freight section was only one story.
   At  locations in which no towns were established, and thus  no
housing  was  available, the railroad provided quarters  for  the
agent  in the second story of this particular type of  depot.  As
seen  by  the list, more than seventy  locations  were  confirmed
through the list and with photographs.
   M.C.  Parker's research reveals that those early  depots  were
often  the  largest  building in town and were  used  for  social
functions.  The  baggage room was used for dancing.  The  waiting
room was even used for church services and Sunday School.
   Being built of wood, many burned early. Others were dismantled
by  World  War II. The one that remained online the  longest  was
probably  at  Okarche, Oklahoma, because it was rebuilt  twice  -
losing major sections each time.
   We are fortunate in that one mostly intact structure has  been
found. The Perth depot was moved off the property in the  1930's.
It  was  moved  once or twice more and ended up on  a  farm  just
northeast  of  Caldwell,  Kansas. Many  windows  and  doors  have
changed,  but  the  basic structure  still  exists  with  changed
details.  A part of a former church was also added to  one  side.
Photos  of  the  rear of these depots have been  rare  so  it  is
fortunate that this one survived.
   One  of  the  most well known depots of this  type,  since  it
lasted  so  long  intact, was at Fairview, KS.  A  color  picture
appeared  in Don Ball's book, Railroads. That building lasted  at
least through 1965.
   Six of the CK&N Ry. buildings appeared in Colorado Rail Annual
No.  17,  in  Doty and McFarland's  "Rocketing  to  the  Rockies"
   Two  buildings had their freight sections moved to farms.  The
depot  building at Kechi, Kansas stayed in the area but  Harbine,
Nebraska was moved to south of Fairbury, where it still stands.
   The  basic buildings were 22 by 45 feet, but several were  55-
feet  long  and  a few were extra long (and  are  listed  in  our
inventory  table as extended).
   The  plans were prepared from the best available  photographs.
Much  of  the rear configuration was an educated  guess.  We  are
looking for additional photos of these distinctive depots at  any
   The following people and organizations assisted with the  data
in this article: John Baskin Harper, H. D. Conner, Bob Dickerson,
Bill  Flood, Warren Chambers, Howard Killiam, M. C.  Parker,  Jim
Reisdorff,  Michael  Bartels,  Jim Fuhrmann,  Alan  Winkler,  Mel
McFarland, L. A. Reed, Ed Galbraith, Bill Clarke, Bob Riebe, Bill
Riebe,  the Kansas State Historical Society, the  Nebraska  State
Historical Society and 15 county historical societies.
               INVENTORY OF CK&N "No. 3" STATIONS
"As  Built" Data from: CHICAGO KANSAS and NEBRASKA  Ry  document,
Cost  of Construction to January 31st, 1890. Compiled  in  Engrs.
Office,  Topeka, Courtesy John Baskin Harper. Comments and  other
data is from author's research.
Location        Waiting Rm
State & Town     Location  Construction notes and misc. comments
St.Joseph, MO to El Reno, IT (15 depots)
     Denton, KS      R
     Pierce, KS
     Hoyt, KS        L
     Valencia, KS
     McFarland, KS   R    Lt. & rt. ends extended after 1-31-1890
                          Bay window on second story. Torn down
     Alta Vista, KS  L    Rear gable. Burned 1919.
     Whitewater, KS  R    Rear gable.
     Kechi, KS       R    Spelled "Ketchi" in 1-31-1890 CK&N
     Peck, KS        R    10 feet added to freight room.1
     Zyba, KS
     Perth, KS       L    Rear gable. Moved to near Caldwell.
     Enid, IT             Now North Enid, KS
     Hennessey, IT   L    12 feet added to freight room.
     Okarche, IT     R    Rear gable. Building shortened '11. One
Herington, KS to Liberal, KS (11 depots)
     Durham, KS           10 feet added to freight room
     Medora, KS
     Langdon, KS     R
     Preston, KS     R
     Natrona, KS     R
     Brenham, KS
     Bucklin, KS     R    16 feet added to freight room. No rear
     Kingsdown, KS
     Mineola, KS          22 feet added to freight room.
     Jasper, KS           Station name changed to "Missler".
     Arkalon, KS     R    10 feet added to freight room.
Herington, KS to Salina, KS (1 depot)
     New Cambria, KS R
McFarland, KS to Belleville, KS (2 depots)
     Bala, KS        R    Also known as "Bala City".
     Agenda, KS           Also known as "Neva". Torn down 1961.
Horton, KS to Colorado Springs, CO via Beatrice & Jansen NE (42
     Fairview, KS    R
     DuBois, NE      L    Rear gable.
     Lewiston, NE
     Harbine, NE     R    Freight section moved to Fairbury.
     Gilead, NE           (On Ruskin, nee Nelson, branch).
     Ruskin, NE      R    (On Ruskin, nee Nelson, branch).
     Mahaska, KS     R
     Courtland, KS
     Formoso, KS     L    Rear gable. Spelled "Formosa" in
                          1-31-1890 CK&N table.
     Montrose, KS    L    Rear gable. Burned 1949.
     Otego, KS       L
     Esbon, KS       L    Rear gable. Spelled "Ezbon" in CK&N
     Kensington, KS  L    Rear gable.
     Gretna, KS      R    Rear gable.
     Stuttgart, KS   L
     Prairie View KS R    No rear gable.
     Calvert, KS
     Dellvale, KS    L
     Clayton, KS
     Jennings, KS
     Dresden, KS
     Selden, KS      R    Rear gable.
     Rexford, KS     R
     Gem, KS         R
     Levant, KS      R
     Brewster, KS         Burned 1905.
     Edson, KS            Also known as "Edison".
     Ruleton, KS     R
     Kanorado, KS    L    Rear gable.
     Burlinton, CO        34 feet added to length.
     Claremont, CO        Station name changed to "Stratton" in
     Seibert, CO     R    10 feet added to length.
     Flagler, CO
     Arriba, CO      R
     Limon, CO            10 feet added to length.
     Resolis, CO          30 feet added to length.
     Mattison, CO         Station name changed to "Matheson"
                          about 1920.
     Ramah, CO            21 feet added to length.
     Peyton, CO      L    Rear gable. 10 feet added to length.
     Falcon, CO      L    Rear gable.
Note 1. The phrase "XX feet added to freight room" is believed to
mean  the  design was changed when building was  erected;  not  a
later addition.
Please send additional data, corrections and photos to the author.
All four sides of building.
Passenger End and Trackside
Freight End and Rear
#1:  Alta  Vista,  KS. "No. 3" depot.  Photo  from  Kansas  State
Historical Society.
#2:  Langdon, KS, as it looked in 1890. Photo from  Kansas  State
Historical Society.
#3:  Preston, KS. Photographed in 1915. Photo from  Kansas  State
Historical Society.
Also in this issue:
McFarland depot bout the turn of the century.
Rear cover color photo: CK&N station at Fairview, KS in  November
1965. Barney Murray photo from John Matrow collection.
Article contributed by John Matrow, Rock Island Technical Society
Newsletter Editor & Director, February, 1994.
Additions & Corrections:
North Enid is in Oklahoma, not Kansas.
Burlington was misspelled in table.
Okarche had ends removed in 1955.
Dellvale was also known as South Oronouque.
Stratton was also known as Mathias.
Bala burned July, 1934.
Peyton had freight doot on end.
Dresdon had waiting room on left.
Perth burned August 30, 1993.
At  least four were rebuilt to one story designs with  hip  roofs
and are still standing: Kensington, Selden, Dresden & Bucklin.