By John Matrow

     DIGEST Volume 2 covered the history of the Chicago, Kansas & 
Nebraska  and  DIGEST Volume 10, covered "Design No.  3"  depots. 
"Design No. 1" and "Design No. 2" depots will be covered here. In 
a  future article, we will cover the small "Design No.  4"  depot 
and the large non-standard designs used at major locations.

Design No. 1

     The "Design No. 1" depot was more like what one would expect 
in a depot: wood, bay window, gable roof ends and gable roof over 
the  bay window. In fact, it bears a remarkable resemblance to  a 
Rock  Island design that was already in use. The vertical  siding 
below  the  first story window line and on the gable  ends  makes 
this design distinctive from the similar Rock Island design.
     Loren Neufeld built an excellent N scale model of the Inman, 
Kansas,  depot in an article in the July 1989 issue  of  RAILROAD 
MODEL  CRAFTSMAN,  which included drawings. The Inman  depot  was 
moved  a block from its original location and is  still  standing 
today as one of two known survivors of that design.
     Only  slight modifications appear to have been made to  this 
design  in  its other locations. Lincolnville, Kansas  and  Maple 
Hill,  Kansas,  each  received a freight  door  in  the   freight 
section  while Tampa, Kansas, had a normal man door added at  the 
passenger end.
     Maple  Hill  appears to have been the second depot  on  that 
site.  A "Design No. 4" was there as of 1-31-1890, thus a  No.  1 
had  to have been built there shortly thereafter but before  Rock 
Island designs became the accepted standard.
     Only 26 locations have been identified. For reasons that  we 
can  only guess, no depots of this type have been  identified  in 
Nebraska,  west  of Norton, Kansas or south of  Wichita,  Kansas. 
West of Norton the line had many Design No. 3 depots and we  know 
the  least about south of Wichita. Thus, Design No. 1 appears  to 
be the only CK&N standard design that was unique to Kansas.

           Published Photos: Design No. 1 Depots

Clifton, KS         Rock Island Westward
Clifton, KS         Rock Island Stations in Kansas
Inman, KS           Railroad Model Craftsman, July, 1989
Inman, KS           Kansas Depots
Maple Hill, KS      Kansas Depots
Maple Hill, KS      Rock Island Stations in Kansas
Morganville, KS     Rock Island Westward
Plains, KS          Kansas Depots
Plains, KS          Rock Island Pictorial, Volume II
Riley, KS           Rock Island Westward
Tampa, KS           Rock Island Stations in Kansas

Design No. 2

     The  "Design  No.  2" depot could also have  been  called  a 
"county  seat"  type since most of that design  were  located  in 
county  seat towns. They were correspondingly larger (22' x  89') 
than the other standard designs in order to handle more passenger 
and freight business. As a result, they tended to last longer and 
become  candidates  for remodeling or  replacement.  Several  are 
still  standing today. Most of the remaining buildings have  been 
extensively  remodeled except for Mankato, Kansas, which  appears 
to be mostly intact, but in poor condition.
     The  roofline in this design is distinctive with its  taller 
and wider center section, sort of like a "double hip roof". While 
this  design  does not resemble other Rock  Island  designs,  the 
Midland Valley RR depot in Arkansas City, Kansas, appears to have 
borrowed heavily from this design.
     Only 31 Design No. 2 depot locations have been identified to 
date, but we believe there are many more.
     More Oklahoma CK&N depot location and condition  information 
is needed.
     It  is  interesting that none appear to have been  built  in 
Colorado.  Burlington and Limon, in that state,  are  substantial 
cities but each had a design No. 3 depot. 
     Manhattan,  Abilene and Clay Center were listed as having  a 
"Modified  Design  No. 2" but since they bear no  resemblance  to 
"Design No. 2", they will be covered in the next article.

           Published Photos: Design No. 2 Depots

Clyde, KS           Rock Island Westward
Colby, KS           Kansas Depots
Dodge City, KS      Rock Island Stations in Kansas
Fairbury, NE        Railway History Monograph, October 1980
Kingfisher, OK      Rock Island Pictorial, volume II
McPherson, KS       DIGEST, Volume 7
Norton, KS          Rock Island Stations in Kansas
Pawnee, NE          Pawnee Centennial Book
Sabetha, KS         Kansas Depots
Sabetha, KS         Rock Island Stations in Kansas 
Sabetha, KS         Rock Island Pictorial, volume II
Turon, KS           DIGEST, volume 7
Turon, KS           Kansas Depots
White City, KS      Kansas Depots
White City, KS      Rock Island Stations in Kansas

           Published Photos: Design No. 3 Depots

Arriba, CO          Colorado Rail Annual #17
Bala, KS            Rock Island Westward
Durham, KS          Durham Centennial Book
Fairview, KS        Rock Island Pictorial, Vol. II & RI in Color Vol. I
Falcon, CO          Colorado Rail Annual #17
Formoso, KS         Rock Island Pictorial, Vol. II
Gem, KS             Land of the Windmills
Harbine, NE         Railroad Stations in Nebraska
Hoyt, KS            Rock Island Stations in Kansas
Kanorado, KS        Colorado Rail Annual #17
Kanorado, KS        Kansas Depots
Kechi, KS           Wichita Public Library 1989 Calendar
Langdon, KS         Kansas Depots
Levant, KS          Land of the Windmills
Okarche, OK         RI Rocket, August 1955
Okarche, OK         First Bank of Okarche 1992 Calendar
Peyton, CO          Colorado Rail Annual #17
Preston, KS         Pratt Souvenir 1988 Calendar
Rexford, KS         Kansas Depots
Rexford, KS         Land of the Windmills
Ruleton, CO         Colorado Rail Annual #17
Seibert, CO         Colorado Rail Annual #17

Corrections, Additions and Updates to Part II in DIGEST, Volume 10:

1.  Enid: Comment should read "now North Enid, OK"
2.  Okarche: Ends removed in 1955
3.  Dellvale: Was also known as S. Oronoque
4.  Burlinton: Should have been spelled Burlington,
    waiting room on right
5.  Stratton: Was also known as Mathias
6.  Bala: Burned July 1934
7.  Peyton: Freight door on end
8.  Dresden: Waiting room on left
9.  Calvert: Rebuilt to one story and moved to Norton as apt.
10. Stuttgart: Rebuilt to one story and moved to Prairie View as

             Inventory of CK&N "No. 1 & No. 2" Depots

"As  Built" data from: CHICAGO KANSAS and NEBRASKA Ry.  document, 
Cost  of Construction to January 31st, 1890. Compiled  in  Engr's 
Office, Topeka, Courtesy John Baskin Harper. Comments, other data 
and  those built after 1-31-1890, shown* in this list,  are  from 
author's research. Length of freight section beyond normal design 
is shown in square brackets [10'].

Location        Wait Rm  Des
State & Town    Location No Comments

St.Joseph, MO to El Reno, Indian Territory

     Troy, KS         L  2  Replaced
     Whiting, KS         2
     Holton, KS          2  Replaced
     Willard, KS      R  1  (Replaced with 8' x 12' building; it 
                            being moved off the right of way 
                            before 1970)
     Alma, KS            2
   * Maple Hill, KS   R  1  2nd bldg. Rebuilt. now feed & grain
     Dwight, KS       R  1  Replaced 1912-1914
     White City, KS   L  2  Replaced (DIGEST, volume 6)
     Lost Springs, KS R  1  Moved just south of town
     Lincolnville, KS R  1
     Marion, KS       R  2  Replaced
     Peabody, KS      L  2
     Furley, KS          1
     Wellington, KS   L  2  Freight section reblt after "55
                            Dismantled 1990
     Kingfisher, IT      2  Remodeled and shortened
   * El Reno, IT      R  2  At Choctaw & Ash Streets. Replaced.

Herington, KS to Liberal, KS

     Tampa, KS        R  1
     Canton, KS          1
     McPherson, KS    R  2  [10'] Replaced
     Inman, KS        L  1  Moved to main street
     Partridge, KS    R  1
     Arlington, KS    R  2  Replaced
     Turon, KS        L  2
     Cullison, KS        1
     Wellsford, KS       1
     Greensburg, KS   R  2  Replaced
     Mullinville, KS     1  Replaced
     Fowler, KS          1  [15'] Replaced
     Meade, KS           2  [10'] Replaced
     Plains, KS       L  1  [31'] Earlier known as West Plains
Herington, KS to Salina, KS

     Enterprise, KS   L  1
     Solomon, KS         2

Bucklin, KS to Dodge City, KS

     Dodge City, KS   L  2  Reblt to residence on North Ave. A

McFarland, KS to Belleville, KS

     Keats, KS           1
     Riley, KS        R  1
     Morganville, KS  L  1
     Clifton, KS      R  1
     Clyde, KS        L  2  Replaced 1962 by 12' x 20' building
                            from Gladstone, NE
     Cuba, KS         R  1
     Belleville, KS   L  2  [10'] Burned 1935. Replaced

Horton, KS to Colorado Springs, CO

     Sabetha, KS      L  2  Freight door extended like bay window
     Pawnee, NE       L  2
     Beatrice, NE        2  Later moved into KCW&NW depot.
     Fairbury, NE     L  2  Burned 7-11. Replaced w/2-story brick
     Hebron, NE       L  2  Burned '30s. (On Nelson branch)
     Nelson, NE          2  
     Narka, KS           1
     Rydal, KS        L  1
     Scandia, KS         2  Replaced
     Mankato, KS      R  2  Still there
     Smith Center, KS L  2  Ends removed. Builing still in place.
                            Was also known as Smith Centre
     Agra, KS         R  1
     Phillipsburg, KS    2  Replaced
     Almena, KS          1  Replaced
     Norton, KS       R  2  Rebuilt w/brick walls '21-'22.
                            Still there
     Colby, KS        R  2  Rebuilt walls. Still there

The following people and organizations assisted with the data  in 
this  article: Michael Bartels, H. D. Conner, Bob  Dickerson,  Ed 
Galbraith,  Howard  Killiam, Mel McFarland, M. C. Parker,  L.  A. 
Reed,  Jim  Reisdorff,  Bill Riebe, Alan  Winkler,  Kansas  State 
Historical  Society,  Nebraska State Historical Society,  and  15 
county historical societies.

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Topeka, KS 1990

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Gardner, Mountain Top, PA 1977

Durham Centennial Book
Pawnee Centennial Book
LAND OF THE WINDMILLS, Thomas County Historical Society


	Front & Side Elevation drawings of Design No. 2

	Floor Plans for Design No. 3

	Design No. 1: photos of Lincolnville, Tampa

	Design No. 2: photos of Mankato, Peabody

Corrections to this article after publication

Additional Published Design No. 3 Depots:
Langdon, KS         Kansas History, Summer, 1980

Additional Location On Horton, KS to Colorado Springs, CO
     Lebanon, KS      L  1  Replaced

Additional Comment On Maple Hill, KS: Dismantled 1995

Waiting Room Location On Nelson, NE: R
Waiting Room Location On Almena, KS: L