These images were contributed to the RITS web site by Jeff Osborne. The text of a message he sent with them is copied below:

Date: Mon, 21 Jul 1997
From: Jeff Osborne
Subject: sending some Rock Island photos 

Dick, I would like to send some photos of the Rock Island that were
taken by my great uncle. I am not a member of your group, I just
thought you would like to have them. I don't have negatives for the
images, so I scanned them with my scanner. The photos are labeled as
to where they were taken and the approximate date(use date on back of
photos). The four smaller images I think were taken at Silvis, IL
approx 8-1938 (some of the same locomotives are in the photos). I
don't know if my uncle took these(the unlabeled ones), because they
look different from the rest. I hope your organization can use these
images. Enjoy,
Jeff Osborne

Silvis Crane
Silvis Shop Area