Baz Covill, of Dover, England sends images of models that he painted and detailed. Baz says that he has made a living from custom painting over the last 20 years.

Stewart FT
Athearn HO F7A. I made up a paint mask for the '68 yellow wings scheme. Paint is Badger Modelflex LV maroon/ATSF yellow
Handrails are bent from 12 thou' brass, all other detail parts are usual DA parts.
Window "glass" is American model builders scale pack. I trimmed off the sideskirt from lower body and milled a slot in side of chassis to represent top of fuel tank.
Standard motor and gearing although well run in.
MV lenses with Radio shack microchip supplying constant lighting (not turned on in picture)
F2 and FA2
Stewart F2. paint Polly S RI maroon. Microscale decals, D.A. F units detail pack. Brake pipes and sandlines 10 thou' brass wire, MV lenses. Proto 2000 FA2 (RI never had these, but no decent FA1 models around at the time)
Paint - Modelflex EL maroon, MS decals, brass wire handrails, DA grabs, etc.