The Rock Island's 
1961 Annual Report 


As with the 1957 annual report, this one, for 1961, wasn't selected because of any particular significance, other than the fact that it's one of several in my collection.

Highlights of the year included new passenger facilities at Cedar Rapids and Muscatine, as well as the significant fact that 1961 was the first year in the railroad's history that passed without a work-related employee fatality.  Also noteworthy was the passing of John D. Farrington, long a key figure in Midwestern railroading.

The cover painting reflects the Rock Island's reliance on the EMD covered wagon as an important part of the motive power fleet, although the GP7's and GP9's were on the property by this time.

Not noted in the report was the addition to the ranks, during the year, of a future RI devotee, born within earshot of the RI mainline at Iowa City (yours truly!)...

 Alan Kline



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