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More Pages from history--the January, 1948 Rock Island Timetable

By January of 1948, the post-war boom was well underway. Long-awaited new fleets of passenger equipment were on hand for the Rock Island, as with most major passenger roads, and the "Rocket" fleet was near its zenith.

 As with the 1937 timetable found elsewhere on this site; this document is an effort to preserve and share a small part of the Rock Island's history through the pages of the railroad's January 1948 passenger timetable.

 NOTE: These are large JPEG files--50k to 190k each! We wanted to provide as much quality as possible, and make it possible to read the fine print common to railroad timetables. Some Web browsers may choke on very large graphic files--older browsers and systems with limited memory in particular. You may wish to download these and view them offline. They print nicely on  laser and inkjet printers.


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