The pictures linked to below were contributed to the RITS web site by Charles Crow of McAlester, Oklahoma.

Wreck - Late 70's in McAlester, OK.

Mr. Crow relates:
Three young boys walking the tracks one night decided to throw a switch leading to the McAlester Oil Mill Co. They left the switch open and walked away. According to the boys, they got scared and later returned to reline the switch to the mainline. Their efforts failed and the switch was left hung between the routes.

According to Engineer Frankie Fields, he and the crew rounded a curve not too far from the switch. Frankie said all he had time to do was say, "Hit the floor, we're going to derail". There were only minor injuries to the crew.

The pictures show diesels 4710 and 351. When 4710 was repainted, only the front and cab were painted in blue and white - this picture following the repair/repaint is from Jeff Prince's web site on Rock Island paint schemes. Mr. Crow appears in his police uniform in one of the pictures below.

Derailment 1
Derailment 2