Photos and text contributed by former Rock Island Towerman Tom Wilson.

Golden State Limited
Peoria Rocket
Rocky Mountain Rocket

I lived in Blue Island, Ill. for 23 years. During my high school days, I
spent many hours around the Rock Island Burr Oak yards taking pictures
during 1947 to 1953. I was interested in modeling the railroad.

I moved to So.California in 1956 and have recently been going through my
collection of railroad photos which I thought would be nice to share. I
have many 8X10 official Rock Island photos which I got from their personnel
department in La Salle Street Station in Chicago. I also have photos of
models of RI equipment and trains I built during this 1950 time period. I
had to get rid of the models in 1970 because they were beginning to "fall
apart". Most went to the Long Beach Model Railroad Club.