ROCK ISLAND DIESEL PAINT SCHEME SUMMARY                     
                          by John Matrow
     We are publishing the following as a tickler, i.e., something to
invoke a response.  We are preparing a  more  extensive  version  and 
would appreciate any additions and corrections sent to  John  Matrow.
This list does not include one-of-a-kind schemes like  #630 and #652.

  Paint           Period           Units            Variations
  -----           ------           -----            ----------
  M/SS/C          1937-54          PASS.            E7,E8,F7: W,not SS
  M/S/M           1953-58          PASS.            
  M/S,L,Z         1956-63          PASS.            B-units:S
  M/SS,H          1963-69          E3A, E6A            
  R,H             1964-69          few RS2,3,FP7,E8,BL2,E7B,E7A,EAB6
  R/SS,H          1965-67          E6A
  Bk/R            1944-63          FRT.             wings: '51
  M,L             1954-80          FRT.             RS:2 lines
  Bk,Roman        1937-            SWIT.            end stripes: '48
  Bk,R oval       1941-            RS1,2,3,VO-1000,Whit44T,S2
  Bk,Z            1954-            SWIT.
  M,Z             1961-            SWIT.
  M,H             1960-80          F,E:short stripe  L
  M,3,V           1965-67           "   "   "
  M/Y,V           1966-80                           Faded or no lettering
  M/Y,H           1967-80
  M/Y,Sp          1969-80
  R/Y,Sp          1969-80
  Y,H             1969-80          ex-UP
  B/W             1975-80
       KEY:    M=maroon        S=silver        C=crimson
               W=white         R=red           Z=Zephyr letter
               Bk=black        Y=yellow        V=block letters
               B=blue          L=lines         Sp=speed letters
               H=herald        3=cat whiskers (hood units)
               SS=Stainless Steel