2 Sept.'98
17860  ST   Bentonville   AR  as SLSF 2841, Chamber of Commerce, Main Street
17040  WV   Ferndale      AR  ex-CNW 12575, Kanis Road, 4 miles west of town, near Perry
17049  WV   Little Rock   AR  LOCATION?
17863  ST   Pinnacle      AR  home, 1 mile ne of town, near Pinnacle Mountain State Park
17169  BW   Colton        CA  as UP 24587, Pacific Rail Dismantlers, FOR SALE
17203  BW   Ault          CO  ex-UP 24621, as UP 2526, rest area, US 85
17787  OB   Boulder       CO  McDonald's Party Room, 28th
17???  OB   Buffalo       CO  Barb Paxton, via Bighorn-Murphy-McDowell Roads, 15 mi. nor
17180  BW   Cheyenne WellsCO  as UP 24598, Officials Booth, ballfield
17628  OB   Colorado SprgsCO  truck yard, US 24, west of 26th
17085  BW   Denver        CO  as Denver & Rock Island Railroad 17085, ex-UP 24503, 4742
17658  OB   Denver        CO  ex-Loose Caboose, ex-SAAB caboose, Forney Transportation M
17670  OB   Johnstown     CO  Co Rd 34, east of Co Rd 17, south of town
17???  OB   Louisville    CO  Kaddy Shack Bar-B-Q, 1 side removed
17104  BW   Strasburg     CO  as UP 24522, Comanche Crossing Museum
17666  OB   Wheat Ridge   CO  Tom Abbott, 10780 West 35th Avenue, 80033, with RI 17836
17836  OB   Wheat Ridge   CO  Tom Abbott, 10780 West 35th Avenue, 80033, with RI 17666
17636  OB   Sebastian     FL  LOCATION?
17???  OB   Adair         IA  Jesse James Museum, Audubon & Second Streets, FOR SALE
17654  OB   Altoona       IA  double sheathed, Barry Yount, 17th Avenue SW & 8th Street
17684  OB   Baxter        IA  Railroad Park, Norma Kieser, 227-3588, from Indianola
17604  LV   Bedford       IA  ex-LV 95132, Taylor County Historical Museum
17011  WV   Bettendorf    IA  former golf driving range, Sunrise Drive Lane
17022  WV   Boone         IA  as CNW 12566, built 2/58, Story Street
17051  WV   Boone         IA  Boone & Scenic Valley Railroad
17053  WV   Boone         IA  as CNW 12586?  LOCATION?
17059  WV   Boone         IA  as CNW X251540, ex-CNW 12558, Union Pacific Yard, FOR SALE
17892  ST   Churdan       IA  as Milwaukee, City Park, Hwy 4
17036  WV   Colfax        IA  Wharff, State Street/old Highway 6, 1.5 miles west of town
17130  BW   Council BluffsIA  ex-UP 24548, Railway History Center, RI Depot, or 17112?
17687  OB   Dayton        IA  Acreage Antiques, US 169, Harold Sawyer, 515-547-2642
17052  WV   Des Moines    IA  ex-CNW 12585?, ex-Rock Islander/ex-French Quarter Restaura
17???  OB   Des Moines    IA  floor & trucks only, north side of Blank Park Zoo, SW 9th
17791  OB   Dow City      IA  Peekaboose, City Park, Prince & Park Streets
17889  ST   Farley        IA  John M. Simon, 11093 Cemetary Road, 319-744-3884
17857  ST   Lineville?    IA  Carroll Sears, across from Dairy Delite, Hwy 65
17872  ST   Lineville?    IA  Carroll Sears, across from Dairy Delite, Hwy 65
17???  OB   Lineville?    IA  no trucks, Carroll Sears, across from Dairy Delite, Hwy 65
17054  WV   Manly         IA  ex-CNW 12587?, Caboose Park, Hwy 9 & Broadway
17028  WV   Montpelier    IA  Varner's Bed & Breakfast
17662  OB   Newton        IA  David Pitz, 330 North 8th Avenue East, 50208, 515-792-6123
17780  SD   Newton?       IA  or Webster City?, Q. Rottering, LOCATION?
17018  WV   Norwalk       IA  as CB&Q 17018, City Park, 907 North Avenue
17958  DS   Oelwein       IA  Hub City Railway Museum, 24 2nd Avenue SW
17037  WV   Onawa         IA  as CNW 12569, Kiwanis Museum Complex, with Depot
17633? OB   Rock Rapids   IA  Depot Museum
17984  DS   Sheffield     IA  Bill Eno, LOCATION?
178??  OB   Steamboat RockIA  Ralph Gast, 704 Main Street, 515-868-2132, from Des Moines
17605  LV   Urbana        IA  ex-LV 95135, Trax Diner, near I-380
17023  WV   Vinton        IA  as 17823, RI Depot, Benton Co. RR Museum, from Madison, SD
17766  SD   Walker        IA  Rock Island Depot Museum
17132  BW   Walla Walla   ID  as UP 24550, Park, with UP 2537 2-8-2 locomotive
17786  OB   Chicago       IL  Illinois Central Glenn Yard
170??  WV   Des Plaines   IL  Oakton Junction (north Chicago)
17057  WV   Fulton        IL  Rendezvous Restaurant, Hwy 136, east of town
17864  ST   Geneseo       IL  Arvid Hagberg, LOCATION?
17885  ST   Harvard       IL  Warren Chiesa?, east of town
17731  OB   Monee         IL  Thompson Winery, south of town, west of US 54
17882  ST   Silvis        IL  behind Anchor Do-It Center, 1st Avenue & 15th Street, poor
17897  ST   Silvis        IL  Rock Island Yard, Martha Thorpe, Moline
17869  ST   Tinley Park   IL  ex-NIRC/Metra 2002, Jaycee Grove Park, 80th Avenue, 169th
19135  DS   Union         IL  Illinois Railway Museum, POB 427, 60180
17762  OB   Baldwin City  KS  Midland Railway, from Kansas City, Missouri
178??  ST   Clay Center   KS  no trucks, Hansen's Used Cars?
178??  ST   Enterprise    KS  no trucks, Abilene & Smoky Valley RR Depot, from Junction
17657  OB   Eudora        KS  Allen Martinique, near Lawrence, ADDRESS?
17781  SD   Hutchinson?   KS  56th Street, Imogene, KS?, LOCATION?
17776  SD   Kanorado      KS  Museum, North Main Street
17768  SD   Kingsdown     KS  Museum, 1 block north of tracks, US 54, west of Bucklin
17086  BW   Marysville    KS  as UP 24504?, LOCATION?
17144  BW   Quinter       KS  as UP 24563, City Park
17667  OB   Topeka        KS  Columbian Bank, 2900 California
17089  BW   Whiting       KS  as UP 24507, west side of Hwy K-9
17120  BW   Wichita       KS  as UP 24538, Great Plains Transportation Museum, Union Sta
17???  OB   Metaire?      LA  Toy & Bike Shop, 1700 Airline Highway, GONE TO Shop owner'
17769  SD   Glasgow?      MO  City, LOCATION?
17031  WV   Jamesport     MO  P. A. Persell, Bargain Outlet
17124  BW   Kansas City   MO  ex-UP 24542, Comet Industries
18058  DS   St. Louis     MO  Museum of Transportation, retired 1-9-49
?????  ??   St. Louis?    MO  St. Louis & Chain of Rocks Railroad
17807  OB   Trenton       MO  Grundy County Museum, 1100 Mabel Street
?????  ??   Chadron       NE  ex-CNW, Dawes County Historical Society, off Hwy 385
17208  BW   Fairbury      NE  as UP 24626, burned, City Park, with UP 421 2-8-0
17094  BW   Gering        NE  as UP 24512, Information Center, Rt 71
17116  BW   Gering        NE  as UP 24534, North Platte Valley Museum, Kimball Avenue
17165  BW   Hastings      NE  ex-UP 24583, ex-UR 27240, ex-Onion Pacific, Choo-Choo's De
17092  BW   Hooper?       NE  or Fremont?, as UP 201?, Fairmont & Elkhorn Valley RR, 183
17095  BW   Kearney       NE  ex-UP 24513, Antique Shop, Hwy 10, s. of I-80, from Lexing
17150  BW   La Vista?     NE  or Las Vegas, NV?, as UP 24568, LOCATION?
17091  BW   North Platte  NE  as UP 25686, ex-UP 24509, Lincoln County Fairgrounds
17202  BW   Schuyler      NE  as UP 24620, Park, along UP tracks
17121  BW   Valley        NE  as UP 24539, Valley Community Hist. Museum, West Alexander
17100  BW   Boulder City  NV  as UP 24518, Nevada State Railroad Museum
17156  BW   Las Vegas     NV  as UP 24574, 36?? Oquendo
17601  LV   Ardmore       OK  ex-LV 95111, Deer Creek Ranch, Hwy 77, south of town
17725  OB   Choctaw       OK  City Park
17685  OB   Collinsville  OK  Depot City Park, Historical Society
17024  WV   Duncan        OK  George Copland, 3601 West Beech, 405-255-8349
17038  WV   Duncan        OK  Roland Gay, 405-252-6404 or 255-7130?
17209  BW   El Reno       OK  as UP 24627, Canadian County Historical Society
17841  OB   Enid          OK  Philips Road, north of city, very poor condition
17043  WV   Geary         OK  Museum
17842  OB   Kingfisher    OK  1 mile west
17862  ST   Kingfisher    OK  1 mile east
17896  ST   Kingfisher    OK  behind Courthouse
17???  OB   Marietta      OK  west of I-35, from Ardmore, Oklahoma
17866  ST   McAlester     OK  McDonald's Restaurant
17886  ST   Midwest City  OK  SE 44 & Anderson Road
17020  WV   Oklahoma City OK  Capitol Steel Company, poor condition, FOR SALE
17834  OB   Oklahoma City OK  CORC, School Service Center, off Martin Luther King, east
17???  OB   Oklahoma City OK  far west Reno Street, not 17834?
17895  ST   Skiatook      OK  Statuary Company, Hwy 20, west of town
17004  WV   Stillwater    OK  Tie Yard Salvage, south on Rt 177
17890  ST   Stone Bluff   OK  1 mile east of town
178??  ST   Stone Bluff   OK  1 mile east of town
178??  ST   Stone Bluff   OK  1 mile east of town
178??  ST   Stone Bluff   OK  1 mile east of town
17873  ST   Tahlequah     OK  Bar-B-Que Restaurant, US 62, from Haskell, OK
19105  TR   Tulsa         OK  Pipe Yard, 41 or 61 & Jackson
17039  WV   Yukon         OK  Yukon's Best Railroad Museum, 3rd & Main Streets
17167  BW   Arlington     OR  as UP 24585, Earl Snell Memorial Park
17117  BW   Wasco         OR  as UP 24535, Depot
?????  ??   Deadwood      SD  steel, CB&Q Yard
17007  WV   Madison       SD  ex-CNW 12580?, Prairie Village
17047  WV   Madison       SD  ex-CNW 12583?, Prairie Village
17898  ST   Memphis       TN  Bob's Tie Yard, 2585 Farrisview Boulevard, 901-794-5833, F
17773  SD   Arlington?    TX  E. L. Conner, behind tall brick wall, LOCATION?
17???  OB   Coupland      TX  MKT Depot
17779  SD   Houston?      TX  Momentum SAAB, Southwest Freeway
17???  OB   Killeen       TX  2 cars, Sam's Station Restaurant, Hwy 195, s. side of town
17664  OB   Luling        TX  Bill Perryman, Rt 2, Box 194, 78648
?????  ??   Mt. Pleasant  TX  8 miles northwest of town?, with other cars?, McIlvy Steel
17???  OB   Palestine     TX  as T&P 3545, Texas State Railroad Park, at Rusk, Texas?
17???  OB   Pottsville    TX  near old School, LOCATION? (40 miles south of Stephenville
17848  OB   Quinlan       TX  First United Methodist Church, Hwy 276, Jean Pollard, 903-
18554  DS   Rusk          TX  as TS 103554, Texas State Railroad Yard
17808  OB   Sandia        TX  private, LOCATION?
17136  BW   Smithville    TX  as UP 24554, near Union Pacific Yard
17137  BW   Waco          TX  as UP 24555?, Kiddieland Park
17802  OB   Wimberly      TX  Joy Lane, owner, LOCATION?
17098  BW   Brigham City  UT  as UP 24516, Depot
17090  BW   Chehalis      WA  as UP 24508, Edward Fisher, 1018 Coal Creek Road
17772  SD   North Freedom WI  Mid-Continent Railway Museum, POB 55, 53951
17728  OB   Sharon        WI  Schuyler W. Case Farm, Stateline Road, 1 mile east, 414-73
17046  WV   Woodville     WI  as CNW 12565, LOCATION?
17149  BW   Cheyenne      WY  as UP 24567, UP Steam Fleet
17017  WV   Laramie       WY  WYCO Yard, Snowy Range Road, from Kings Canyon, CO
17088  BW   Medicine Bow  WY  as UP 24506, Depot Museum
17157  BW   Superior      WY  as UP 24575, Park
CRI&P # + 7418 = UP #; BW = steel bay window; DS = double sheathed wood cupola; LV = ex-
cupola; OB = outside braced wood cupola; SD = outside braced side door wood cupola; ST =
cupola; TR = wood transfer; WV = wide vision steel cupola.
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